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Stress and the Mind Body Brain Connection

Overwhelmingly, a factor known to create illness and unwellness is stress. As a process of learned associations is developed from infancy we develop habits of knowing, feeling, thinking and responding and this is now known to impact very deeply even effecting our DNA. Elizabeth Blackburn, who I must add at this point is an Australian …

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The Mind Body Brain Connection

Mind Body Brain – What is this? We all know from experience that our mental and emotional state can affect our body. You only have to think about speaking in front of a large crowd to know what havoc nerves can have on the digestive system, well for me anyway! Recent research suggests that this …

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What can I expect from counselling?

You may be wondering if counselling is for you and we appreciate that making that first leap can be a difficult decision for some. Here we outline a little of what to expect from a counselling session at LifeCare. At LifeCare, seeing one of our counsellors can assist in easing distressing feelings such as anger, …

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Dark night of the soul: A journey into total oblivion, surrender and re-invention

We will all, at some point in our lives and probably even a few times over, go through a dark night of the soul. It’s not an experience that discriminates between who is deserving or non-deserving, it’s a human reality. A dark night of the soul can emerge from things external to us – the …

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