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LifeCare is an established private counselling practice based in Brisbane. We provide professional counselling support and a range of counselling and psychological services to adults, young people, children and their families. All of the counsellors at LifeCare are highly trained and qualified professionals who hold current affiliation with their relevant professional accreditation authorities.


With a combined total of over 40 years’ experience working in a range of contexts associated with psychological wellbeing, it is not surprising that Susan and Rayleigh are frequently asked by colleagues, students, supervisees and clients to share their insights and knowledge in a more accessible way. So, here it is. This blog will provide regular commentary on various aspects of their work. Sometimes these reflections will be related to particular interventions, sometimes we will share opinions about a professional dilemma and sometimes we will simply share something amusing. We look forward to engaging with fellow bloggers and hope this forum becomes a mutually rewarding opportunity to share thoughts and ideas.

Featured Posts

Child hiding face in hands

It’s not always about alienation: A look at parental rejection/absence

it is clear there are many other reasons why children may not have contact with a parent following parental separation.

Preteen boy alienated from parents

Warning Signs of Parental Alienation

It is important for parents to remember that a child’s developing identity is enriched if they are free to enjoy a positive relationship with both parents. Has your relationship with your child changed after separation? Time to examine whether you are inadvertently alienating your child from their other parent.


Separation – Looking through the hourglass

Family Law is fraught with complexity, competing interests, suffering and potent, palpable anger. The process of separating undoubtedly qualifies as a high stress life event with many individuals experiencing significant anxiety, depression, increased substance abuse and difficulty regulating their emotions.


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