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What can I expect from counselling?

You may be wondering if counselling is for you and we appreciate that making that first leap can be a difficult decision for some. Here we outline a little of what to expect from a counselling session at LifeCare.

At LifeCare, seeing one of our counsellors can assist in easing distressing feelings such as anger, grief, anxiety, and depression. We can help you to find better solutions to the situations in your life that have been the sources of your negative or unwanted feelings and explore with you issues or events that may be playing a part in the distress that led you to seek counselling. In difficult circumstances, friends and family are sometimes unable to provide an objective viewpoint. A counsellor can offer this objectivity so that you gain insight and learn strategies to assist in managing your situation.

We can also coach you in new skills that can help you to handle future difficult situations more comfortably. Skills such as conflict resolution, anger management, better relationship communication and techniques for dealing with difficult people, for example, can assist in managing depression, anger, anxiety and relationship tensions in the future.

LifeCare’s counsellors provide professional counselling support to adults, young people, children and their families. All the counsellors at LifeCare are highly trained and qualified professionals who hold current affiliation with their relevant professional accreditation authorities.

What can I expect from a LifeCare Counsellor?

Counselling involves sitting with the counsellor for 1 hour to discuss your situation in a safe and supportive environment. Counselling provides a therapeutic relationship between a client and a qualified counsellor, a relationship that is both professional and intentional. As in any new relationship, counselling involves a ‘getting-to-know you’ period, and it is important that you feel comfortable with the counsellor’s way of working.

Empathy –¬†Each LifeCare counsellor provides a non-judgemental, safe environment in which to discuss your issues.

Understanding – Effective counselling takes time to thoroughly understand you, your situation, your needs and concerns before going on to look for solutions.

Proven and Effective Strategies – At LifeCare we base our methods on the most up-to-date scientific research and the wisdom of highly recognised practitioners around the world. Our Counsellors study widely and attend professional development seminars, workshops and conferences to assure you receive the best possible service.


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