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Children’s Supervised Contact Services

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LifeCare operates the largest private Children’s Supervised Contact service in Queensland (established in 2007). All of our supervisors are tertiary qualified with extensive experience. Our contact supervisors receive regular training in the area of child protection, family law and child development.

LifeCare’s Supervised Visits Opening Hours:

Monday & TuesdayCLOSED (excluding Public Holidays)

Supervised Contact Intake Interviews

All relevant carers and/or parents of the child/children must first attend an intake interview with the Manager of the Service prior to partaking in any supervised Service. This intake may be completed in person or over the phone (if there are extenuating circumstances). Once intake interviews are completed and all participants have been assessed as suitable to participate, and our Service Agreement has been signed, a schedule of visits/changeovers is created by the Manager in accordance with Centre availability, Court Orders and/or parties’ availability.

Supervised Contact Services

Our range of supervised contact services includes:

  • Supervised Contact (available on weekdays and weekends)
  • Interactive Supervised Contact
  • Supervised Changeovers
  • Report Writing

1. Supervised Contact Visits

Visits can occur either on-site or off-site, if appropriate. In the event that supervision is Court Ordered, LifeCare consultants pro-actively endeavour to ensure the visits proceed. We understand that some children may be resistant to participating in supervised contact; we also believe that with skill and patience, a warm relationship can be developed with the visiting parent.

The role of the supervisor in (regular) Supervised Contact is to facilitate the changeover between the residential parent and the visiting parent and then observing and taking notes about the parties’ interaction, what is said, done and observed. The supervisor does not provide suggestions, direct support (for example, if a child becomes upset) or intervene in anyway – unless the parent/adult fails to comply with the Service Agreement or does/says something contrary to the welfare of the child. Supervised contact is, in its simplest form, a preventative monitoring and recording service.

2. Interactive Supervised Contact

Interactive supervised contact involves a highly experienced and skilled supervisor engaging with all parties in a therapeutic manner. The nature of engagement varies and is influenced by the circumstances leading up to the provision of this service.

If there has been a period of estrangement, the supervisor acts as a kind of intermediary between the child and adult. A child often feels more comfortable engaging with a skilled child therapist than a parent who they have not seen for some time. This is especially the case where the child has, for whatever reason, a negative opinion of that parent. Therapeutic supervisors are trained in building a bridge between the parent and child and, most importantly, in ensuring the child is emotionally supported throughout the visit.

If the parenting ability of a parent has been questioned, therapeutic supervisors provide in vivo direction and actively guide the parent around appropriate, child-friendly responses and behaviour. They will directly intervene if a parent says or does something – even unknowingly, that is not appropriate in some way. After the visit, the supervisor will provide clear feedback about the visit and may even suggest changes to subsequent visits and/or details of courses/interventions that a parent and/or child might benefit from.

3. Supervised Changeovers

Our changeover service facilitates the movement of a child between households without the adults having direct contact with each other. Typically, the visiting parent/non-resident parent arrives at the centre 10 minutes prior to the changeover and the resident parent arrives at the scheduled time to either drop off or pick up the child/children with a LifeCare supervisor present assisting with the transition.

4. Report Writing

The parties involved, the Court and/or legal representatives can request that LifeCare provide a report based on the observations of the supervised contact services. Unless specifically ordered, such reports do not provide an assessment of the contact services or recommendations regarding future services.

Children’s Supervised Contact – Fees

Children’s Supervised Contact Service Agreement

Ancillary Support Services

  • Counselling: LifeCare provides individual, couple, child and adolescent and family therapy.
  • Circle of Security: This attachment-based parenting program is facilitated by certified trainer, Chris Chicoteau.
  • Post-Separation Parenting Program: Specifically designed to assist in managing post-separation conflict, improving communication and assisting parents to focus on the needs of child.
  • Anger Management Program: Facilitated by Psychologist Ian Polglase, this program can be individually tailored to focus on the specific challenges facing a client.

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