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Susan De Campo

Susan is the Director and founder of LifeCare Consultancy. With 20 years experience in private practice as a Registered Counsellor specialising in loss and grief, young people and relationship therapy and over 30 years experience as a Registered Nurse, Susan has a strong appreciation of the complexities associated with negotiating a relationship breakdown. She teaches counselling related courses at UQ and QUT and delivers training and workshops both locally and nationally. Susan is also a Fellow of the Queensland Counsellors Association.

Child hiding face in hands

It’s not always about alienation: A look at parental rejection/absence

it is clear there are many other reasons why children may not have contact with a parent following parental separation.

Father and son playing in park

14 Ways to Rebuild a Broken Relationship with your Child

Separation can strain and damage the parent-child relationship. Take steps to rebuild the relationship with your child and leave past conflicts behind.


Separation – Looking through the hourglass

Family Law is fraught with complexity, competing interests, suffering and potent, palpable anger. The process of separating undoubtedly qualifies as a high stress life event with many individuals experiencing significant anxiety, depression, increased substance abuse and difficulty regulating their emotions.

Young boy playing with toys

How to make supervised contact work for you and your child

There are few areas of the law that evoke a more passionate response than family law. This is because our children hold a special place in our heart and most of us want to enjoy a warm and loving relationship with our child. When the freedom to enjoy this relationship is threatened, we can feel …

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