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Daily Archives: October 21, 2015

Finding love doesn’t always run smoothly

Real love is no easy path- readiness is everything. Sometimes people walk away from love because it is so beautiful that it terrifies them… Sometimes they leave because the connection shines a bright light on their dark places and they are not ready to work them through. Sometimes they run away because they are not …

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What can I expect from counselling?

You may be wondering if counselling is for you and we appreciate that making that first leap can be a difficult decision for some. Here we outline a little of what to expect from a counselling session at LifeCare. At LifeCare, seeing one of our counsellors can assist in easing distressing feelings such as anger, …

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Dark night of the soul: A journey into total oblivion, surrender and re-invention

We will all, at some point in our lives and probably even a few times over, go through a dark night of the soul. It’s not an experience that discriminates between who is deserving or non-deserving, it’s a human reality. A dark night of the soul can emerge from things external to us – the …

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